The Garage is the Student Ministry of Destiny Church.  However, it goes way beyond being a Student Ministry… The Garage is a FAMILY.


Our Mission:

We exist to EXPERIENCE God, STRENGTHEN families, CULTIVATE an atmosphere where dreams become a reality through PASSIONATE worship, RELEVANT teaching, AUTHENTIC relationships, and DRIVEN evangelism.


Our Values:

  •  We believe in Family.
  •  We believe in Serving Others.
  •  We believe in Reaching Our World.
  •  We believe in Encountering God.
  •  We believe in Having Fun Doing All of the Above ^


Our Pastors:  Chase & Ashley Courtney


Our Leadership Team:

11193271_750410228404989_1125557034971955903_n[1]    11150499_750410088405003_8247765265944168767_n[1]  [Some Not Pictured]

Worship Leader:

Jordan Ray


Wyatt Irwin

Michael Baker

Shelby Moss

Adam Herman

Matt Ryan

Leaders With Many Hats:

Nick & Rachel Musgrove

Annie Masters

Teresa Vaughn

Becca Cuzzort

John Peden

Maria Voight

Brad Brewer

Taylor Begayas